Epson Et 7700 Driver

The Epson Et 7700 Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Installer file comes with everything needed to use the printer wired or wirelessly. The printer driver, scanner driver, Scan 2 Utility, Print CD, Scan OCR Component, Event Manager, and Software Updater are the files that make up the combo pack. It is compatible with all the version of Windows and Mac OS. You can also download Epson Et 7720 drivers as separate files as per your requirement. Here is the Epson Et 7700 Driver for both Windows and Mac.

Epson Et 7700 Driver Download
Epson Et 7700 Driver

Epson Et 7700 Manual

The Epson Et 7700 manual has been put in layman terms for the non-techies to understand the printer basics. The Epson Et 7700 setup, functioning, wireless connections, and loading paper are described in detail. A section dedicated to troubleshooting is given under Solving Problems. This Epson Et 7700 manual comes in PDF form. Just clicking at the required link takes you to the respective topic. Download it here.

Epson Et 7700 Manual

Epson Et 7700 Unboxing

Begin to print using Epson ET 7700 right away with the below instructions given for Epson printer setup. Setting it up and then establishing a wireless network forms the foundation of printer operation.

How To Setup Epson Et 7700

  • Reach out to every part of the Epson Et 7700 setup printer and remove the packaging material.
  • Open the ink tank cover and then the ink tank's cap.
  • Unwrap the ink bottle that corresponds to the opened tank.
  • Keep the bottle straight and then open its cap.
  • Align the ink bottle's top with the slot in front of the filling port.
  • Then lift the bottle to insert it into the tank.
  • Hold on for the ink tank to fill.
  • The ink flow stops automatically with the filling of the ink tanks' upper line.
  • Remove the ink tank bottle and secure it for later use.
  • Replace the ink tank cap.
  • Follow the same procedure for the other colored tanks as well.
  • Shut the ink tank cover and the scanner unit.
  • Attach the power cord to the printer's back and power it up via a working electric socket.
  • Lift the control panel and push the Power button.
  • Once the printer is turned on, select the language.
  • Hold down the OK button for three seconds.
  • Begin the ink charging process by pressing Start.
  • Adjust the print quality and close the scanner unit.
  • Insert the printer installation CD in your computer and run the file.
  • On the Select Your Connection screen, pick Wireless or Direct USB to complete Epson Et 7700 setup.

How To Connect Epson Et 7700 Wireless

  • If this is the initial setup, follow the instructions on the driver installer for wireless setup.
  • Or tap the Home button on the printer for connect Epson et 7700 wireless.
  • Move to select Wi-Fi Setup OK Wi-Fi ( Recommended) OK.
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and press OK.
  • Pick the name of your wireless network and click OK to connect Epson et 7700 wireless.
  • If the name is not to be found, select Other Networks and press OK.
  • Type the network name and then the password.
  • View the Wi-Fi settings to connect Epson et 7700 wireless and confirm them.
  • Print a network status report.
  • The Epson Et 7700 setup printer is now connected to the local wireless network.

How To Scan On Epson Et 7700

  • Lift the document cover.
  • Keep the original facing down on the scanner glass and slide it to the corners.
  • Gently close the document cover.
  • Click open the scanning software (Epson Scan 2) on your computer.
  • Choose your printer from the list.
  • Configure the image type, resolution, and image format.
  • Click the Preview button and select the mode.
  • After modifying the advanced settings, click Scan.

Epson Et 7700 Scan To Email

connect Epson et 7700 wireless
  • Lift open the scanner cover and place the original on the scanner glass.
  • Make sure that the scan side faces down on the glass for Epson Et 7700 scan to email.
  • After installing the printer driver, the printer should be connected to the computer.
  • On the home screen, navigate to Scan OK.
  • Pick a Scan option.
  • Scan to Computer (Email) scans the original document for Epson Et 7700 scan to email.
  • On your computer, the scanned output is added as the attachment in the email program.
  • Choose how you connect your Epson Et 7700 setup printer to the PC.
  • Hit Start to begin scanning.

Epson Et 7700 Troubleshooting

Like all other machines, printers are also prone to problems.Troubleshooting printer issues can be solved easily with DIY mechanism. To maintain the print quality and speed, regular cleaning of the printer is recommended. Small changes to the printer software solve many of the printer errors. Below are some of the tested and true solutions to the most frequent printer errors.

Epson Et 7700 Won't Printing

  • Check if the wall socket is working.
  • See if the right version of the Epson Et 7700 driver has been installed to solve Epson Et 7700 won't printing.
  • Get a network status sheet and check if the settings are appropriate.
  • Make sure the Epson Et 7700 setup printer's IP address is set correctly for your local network.
  • Double-check that the printer and computer are connected over the same wireless network.
  • View the ink status on the printer and refill the tanks as required to solve Epson Et 7700 won't printing.
  • On your computer, disable Use Printer Offline option.
  • Update the printer driver application for Epson Et 7700 Troubleshooting.
  • Secure the cables connecting the printer to the computer.

Epson Et 7700 Not Scanning

  • See if the computer has enough memory and that the scan software's OS requirements are met by the computer.
  • Ensure that the computer is not run in a power-saving mode while doing Epson Et 7700 Troubleshooting.
  • Wake your system up and then restart the computer to solve Epson Et 7700 not scanning.
  • Reinstall the scan software if the OS has been recently upgraded.
  • Check if your printer is listed under the Scanners and Cameras category of the Control Panel.
  • Select Epson Scan 2 as the scanning software.
  • See if you have selected the right printer within Start EPSON Epson Scan Utility.
  • Or go to the Other tab and select Reset to fix Epson Et 7700 not scanning.
  • Make sure you do not have several versions of scan software installed on the computer.

Epson Et 7700 Not Printing Black

  • Switch off your printer.
  • Use distilled water to clean the sponges in the sides of the print head.
  • Run a cleaning cycle in your printer to solve Epson Et 7700 not printing black.
  • The position of the print head assembly is unlocked.
  • Move the print head assembly to the center of the Epson Et 7700 setup printer.
  • Leave the printer dry overnight.
  • Print several pages of colored and monochrome print outs to solve Epson Et 7700 not printing black.
  • Use only genuine ink bottles.
  • Never run more than three cleaning cycles in your printer.

Epson Et 7700 Not Connecting Wireless

  • If connected by WPS method, make sure the WPS button on the printer is pressed 2 minutes within pressing the button on the router.
  • The printer should be kept within the range of the router.
  • Avoid placing wireless devices in the way of the printer and the router.
  • Set the router to operate in the dual-band.
  • Check the router's connection by connecting it to other devices while solving Epson Et 7700 Troubleshooting.
  • Disable the Firewall and other anti-virus software on your wireless router.
  • See if any restrictions have been set on the router and remove them.
  • If you cannot find the wireless network, enter the name manually.
  • Confirm that the entered password or passphrase is correct.
  • Since Wi-Fi Direct password changes with time, update the password regularly to fix Epson Et 7700 setup printer not connecting wireless issue.
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