Epson XP 6000 Driver

The Epson XP 6000 Driver file is a compilation of the printer driver, scanner driver & scan utility, Event Manager, Easy Photo Scan, ReadyInk Agent, and Software Updater. This all-in-one package is responsible for the initial setup of the printer and then for undertaking the printer functions. In addition to all the above, they also assist in getting the extra features of the printer work for an optimal performance.

Epson XP 6000 Driver Download
Epson XP 6000 Driver

Epson XP 6000 Manual

Download the given Epson XP 6000 Manual and save it to a specific location on your computer. Make sure the file is saved to an easily accessible spot from where you can easily retrieve it. The Epson XP 6000 Manual covers several topics such as the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer's basics, Wi-Fi Networking, printer functions, and cleaning the printer. A separate section dedicated to troubleshooting deals with the print quality problems, hardware, and software issues the printer might encounter.

Manual download

Epson XP 6000 Unboxing

How to setup the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer with the following steps. It has been described in detail intending to help the first time printer users. Be it wired or wireless setup, the process is quite easy and effortless. Configuring the print settings, loading paper, and getting the print job done have been explained, making this a one-stop support for all your Epson Printer needs.

How to Setup Epson XP 6000

How to Setup Epson XP 6000

  • Remove all protective packaging from the printer's carton.
  • Tuck the power cord into the rear of the printer and then to the power outlet.
  • Turn on the printer and adjust the control panel.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select the language and press OK.
  • Open the scanner unit and then unpack the cartridges.
  • Gently shake them to improve the fluidity and then remove the caps from them.
  • Save the caps in the supplied plastic bag.
  • Place the cartridges head first into the respective colored holders.
  • After closing the scanner unit, the printer begins priming the ink.
  • Lower the front cover and take out the paper cassette.
  • Adjust the edge guides and load paper into it.
  • Install the Epson XP 6000 Driver and proceed to print on the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer from your computer.

Epson XP 6000 Wireless Setup

  • Press the Home button of the printer.
  • Tap the Wireless icon Wi-Fi Start Setup or Change Settings to begin Epson XP 6000 Wireless Setup.
  • Upon selecting the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard, a screen opens.
  • Choose your wireless network name for Epson XP 6000 Wireless Setup.
  • Or press + to enter the name manually.
  • On the Enter Password field, type the password with the displayed keyboard.
  • Confirm the network settings displayed and select Start Setup on Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer.
  • Once the Epson XP 6000 Wireless Setup is successful, pick Print Check Report and then exit the program.

Epson XP 6000 Ink Replacement

  • To avoid drying of the print head nozzles, remove the old cartridges only when the new ones are ready.
  • You'll probably get a message on the expended ink cartridge if it is empty.
  • Click OK and proceed to replace the dried out cartridge. Make a note of the particular cartridge.
  • Or head to Setup Maintenance Ink Cartridge Replacement OK.
  • Pull open the scanner unit and lift the cartridge right out of its holder.
  • Shake the package of the new cartridge and remove the cap off it.
  • Click it into the corresponding colored holder.
  • The print head moves to its original position and starts charging the ink.

Epson XP 6000 Scan

Scan your original document or photo and save it as digital files on your computer. They can also be uploaded to the Cloud services. The process of scanning can be done on the printer's control panel or the Epson Scan Utility on the computer. An exclusive feature called Easy Photo Scan aids in editing photos and then scanning them. An innovative scan feature of this printer is the ability to upload the scanned images to social media platforms.

Epson XP 6000 Scan to Cloud

  • Set up an account with the Epson Connect once the Epson XP 6000 Driver software is installed.
  • On your Epson Connect account, register an email address.
  • Register the printer to the Epson Connect service for Epson XP 6000 Scan to Cloud. Note down the printer's email address and password.
  • Or create an account on online services such as Box, DropBox, Evernote, or Google Drive. Link the printer to your local wireless network.
  • Login to the Connect account with the mail ID and password.
  • Pick your printer Scan to Cloud Destination List.
  • Continue as per the directions on the screen to create the destination list.
  • Configure the scan settings and get ready to Epson XP 6000 Scan to Cloud.

Epson XP 6000 Scan to Computer

  • Lift the scanner cover and position the document face down on the document table.
  • If you're scanning several documents at once, place each piece at least 0.8 inches from the others.
  • Launch the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 Scan software.
  • Choose a mode and select the basic scan settings for Epson XP 6000 Scan to Computer.
  • Preview the document to be scanned and click Scan.
  • On the File Save Settings window, select PDF as the Type Setting.
  • You can also edit the documents with the Edit Page option.
  • Hit Close to exit the Epson Scan program.

Epson XP 6000 Troubleshooting

The printer errors are displayed directly on the printer's screen. You can check the software updates, printer status, and run a printer check to identify any problems. The setup and network installation problems have quick and easy fixes. Detailed instructions to troubleshoot print, copy, and scan issues are described below.

Epson XP 6000 Not Printing

  • See that the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer is switched on and connected to the computer.
  • Check if the interface cables are connected securely at both ends.
  • If a hub has to be used, make sure it is a first-tier hub.
  • Link your printer directly to the computer to solve Epson XP 6000 Not Printing.
  • Clear the epson xp 6000 offline error by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Run the printer to print a test page.
  • Verify that the Epson XP 6000 driver is installed correctly.
  • Pick your printer as the default printer in your Windows computer.
  • Delete all the print jobs from the Windows Spooler to fix Epson XP 6000 Not Printing.

Epson XP 6000 Offline

  • If the printer doesn't print a nozzle check pattern, see if there are any errors and clear them.
  • Delete any stuck print jobs in the print queue.
  • Detach the power cord of the router and then re-connect it to fix Epson XP 6000 Offline. Try printing after starting the router.
  • Reset the default print settings on the printer. Switch off the printer and disconnect all the connected cables to fix Epson XP 6000 Offline.
  • Click Windows Settings Network &Internet Windows Firewall.
  • Disable the Firewall option in the Windows computer.
  • Turn the printer back on and connect it to the Epson Xp 6000 wireless setup network.

Epson XP 6000 Scanner Error

  • Ensure that your computer has adequate memory and meets the system requirements for your OS.
  • Disable the power saving or sleep mode in your computer.
  • Re-install the scanner software if the OS has been recently updated.
  • Within the Scanners and Camera menu in your Windows, check if the printer is enlisted. Secure the cables connecting the printer tightly.
  • Select Epson Scan Utility as your scanning program.
  • Click Windows Epson Epson Scan 2 Utility. Pick the correct printer.
  • If the scanning is done via a wireless network, check its strength.

Epson XP 6000 Paper Jam Error

  • Cancel the print job immediately upon finding the paper jam.
  • Remove any jammed paper from the paper feed slot.
  • Lift the front cover and pull out the jammed paper.
  • Check for remaining bits of paper in the duplexer and discard them.
  • Find and clear away small bits of paper in the rear access panel.
  • Disconnect the printer from the power outlet.
  • See that the carriage moves freely in the Epson Expression Premium XP 6000 printer.
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