Epson XP 420 Driver

Choose the correct Epson XP 420 driver for your printer that is compatible with your computer’s Operating System. The Drivers and Utilities Combo package is an installer file consisting of Epson XP 420 Driver, Scanner Driver and Epson Scan Utility, Easy Photo Scan, Event Manager, Software Updater, and ReadyInk Agent. Download and install the Epson XP 420 driver for the optimal performance of the printer.

Epson XP 420 Manual

Click the Download link below to get the Epson XP 420 manual. The Epson Home XP 420 printer basics, along with the networking methods, are explained in detail. Printing, scanning, and copying have separate sections describing the processes in layman terms. The troubleshooting portion of the Epson XP 420 Manual gives easy do-it-yourself instructions to fix commonly rising errors in the printer.

Epson XP 420 Manual

Epson XP 420 Unboxing

The unboxing of the Epson Home XP 420 includes the unpacking process and setting up a connection between Epson Printer and the computer. Below is the illustrative and quick guidelines for How to Setup Epson XP 420 Printer.

How to Setup Epson XP 420 Printer

how to setup epson xp 420
  • Offload the printer and keep it on a flat surface and follow How to Setup Epson XP 420 Printer guide.
  • Take the power cord and connect your printer to the wall socket with it.
  • Elevate the printer’s control panel after switching it on.
  • Set the Language, Date & Time on the printer.
  • Prepare the ink cartridges right before the ink cartridge installation.
  • Note that only the black cartridge has to be shaken before unwrapping.
  • Discard the tapes on the cartridges and position them into the holders.
  • Wait until you get confirmation of ink charging while following How to Setup Epson XP 420 Printer.
  • Pull out the paper cassette from the printer’s casing.
  • Place the paper by adjusting the width guides.
  • Tuck the paper cassette all the way back into the printer.
  • Install the Epson XP 420 driver and proceed to use the Epson Home XP 420 printer after completing How to Setup Epson XP 420 Printer steps.

Epson XP 420 Wirelss Setup

  • Power on the Epson Home XP 420 printer
  • Press the Home button.
  • Tap the Wireless icon and Navigate to the menu below and click Wi-Fi Direct Setup.
  • Access Connection Setup Change Password Yes.
  • Type a Wi-Fi Direct password of your choice on the displayed keypad.
  • Verify the network name and password on the screen for Epson XP 420 Wirelss Setup.
  • Enable the Wireless Connection feature on your computer for Epson XP 420 Wirelss Setup.
  • Pick the same wireless network on the computer and input the same password.
  • A connection symbol appears on the LCD screen indicating a successful network .

Epson XP 420 Ink Replacement

  • Click Proceed Yes Replace Now upon seeing the expended cartridge message.
  • Hit Setup Maintenance Ink Cartridge Replacement Proceed.
  • Push the Start button and lift open the scanner unit.
  • The ink cartridges automatically move to the replacement position.
  • Take out the expended cartridges.
  • Shake only the black cartridge gently before unwrapping.
  • Insert the ink cartridge at a suitable angle into the cartridge holder.
  • Press Start. Hold on for a few minutes before printing.

Epson XP 420 Scan Software

Install and run the Epson XP 420 Scan Software and scan utilities on your computer. Choose the Epson XP 420 Scan Software and Epson Scan Utility from the internet for the operating system you use. Scanning can be done either on the scanner glass or the Automatic Document Feeder depending on the number of pages to be scanned. It is to be noted that the feeding mechanism differs for both the inputs. Send scan commands directly from your computer to the Epson Home XP 420 printer.

Epson XP 420 Scan to Computer

  • Keep the original with the side to be scanned for facing down on the scanner glass.
  • Position  the original on the edge of the indicated corner.
  • Close the document cover and do Epson XP 420 Scan to Computer.
  • Opt for using the ADF if several pages are to be scanned.
  • Select Scan to Computer on the printer’s LCD.
  • Pick the format of the scan output: JPEG, PDF, and Email.l
  • Set the type of connection between the computer and the printer. i.e., USB or Wireless.
  •  Tap Start to begin the Epson XP 420 Scan to Computer process.
Epson XP 420 Scan Software

Epson XP 420 Troubleshooting

Epson Home XP 420 printer might encounter issues like poor quality printing, clogged nozzles, and faulty network settings. Epson XP 420 troubleshooting error codes are displayed on the printer’s LCD so that the issue is clearly identified at home itself. Fixing methods for the respective error codes are provided below.

Epson XP 420 Paper Jam

  • Cancel the print job from your computer upon recognizing Epson XP 420 paper jam.
  • Draw the paper out of the printer and the sheet feeder.
  • Turn off the product and open the scanner unit.
  • Remove the jammed paper and torn pieces from the printer.
  • Take the duplexer out of the printer to fix Epson XP 420 Troubleshooting.
  • Upon locating the jammed paper in it, discard them.
  • Reattach the duplexer and proceed to print.
  • Avoid overloading the ADF beyond its capacity.

Epson XP 420 Not Printing

  • Open the Printers & Scanners on your computer to solve Epson XP 420 Not Printing. Choose printer and click the minus sign to remove printer from the list.
  • Add it back to the computer’s Devices.
  • Install the Epson Home XP 420 printer driver that is suitable for your printer model and computer’s OS.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to clean the printhead nozzles to solve Epson XP 420 Not Printing.
  • Run the printer regularly and ensure the continuous usage of all the ink cartridges. Avoid running more than three cleaning cycles.
  • Employ only the manufacturer-approved ink cartridges for printing.

Epson XP 420 Printing Lines

  • Run a nozzle check to find the clogged nozzles.
  • Clean the printhead if required.
  • Configure the paper typesetting such that they match the input paper.
  • Check if the printable side of the paper has been placed as directed.
  • Disable the high-speed settings in your Epson Home XP 420 printer software. Replace the empty and dried out ink cartridges.
  • Feed a few sheets of plain paper in the printer.
  • Navigate and select Setup OK.
  • Choose Maintenance OK Print Head Alignment. to fix Epson XP 420 Troubleshooting
  • Tap the Color button to print an alignment sheet.
  • Take a look at the pattern and use the arrow buttons to pick the number representing the best-printed pattern.  

Epson XP 420 Not Printing Black

  • Clear the errors if any is displayed on the printer’s display.
  • Press Home Setup Maintenance Printhead Nozzle Check.
  • If there are no gaps on the page to be printed, select Clean the printhead option.
  • Access the printhead assembly of the printer to solve Epson XP 420 Not Printing Black.
  • You’ll be able to see sponges within the assembly center.
  • Fill the sponges with distilled water using a plastic syringe.
  • Let the printer dry overnight to fix Let the printer soak overnight.
  • Print about 6-8 pages of dense text and images until the print outs come clean.

Epson XP 420 Printing Blank Pages

  • Position the printer on a flat and stable surface where it is horizontally straight.
  • Change the ink cartridges if they are old or empty.
  • Check if the yellow tape in the ink cartridge has been removed to solve Epson XP 420 Printing Blank Pages.
  • Feed only the paper that meets the printer’s specifications.
  • Find if any of the nozzles are clogged with a printed nozzle check pattern.
  • Set the paper settings such as size, orientation, and layout properly to solve Epson XP 420 Printing Blank Pages.
  • Remove any blank pages from the document to be printed in the Preview section itself.
  • Make sure that your Epson Home XP 420 printer is selected as the default device in your printing application.
Setup Epson Printer