Epson Wf 4730 Driver

The Epson WF 4730 Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Installer is a compilation of files required to use the Epson WF 4730 printer wired or wirelessly. The scanner driver and Epson Scan Utility should be downloaded and installed along with the Event Manager Utility. The Remote Epson Wf 4730 Driver lets you print to an Epson email-enabled printer located far away from your computer. Click the Download Driver button below for initial setup.

Epson WF 4730 Driver Download
Epson WF 4730 Driver

Epson Wf 4730 Manual

The user guide provided here takes you on a tour through the Printer's basics, Wi-Fi networking, and its functioning. Fundamental printer operations like Epson wf 4730 setup, printing, copying, and scanning are explained with plain illustrations. For queries on loading the originals, replacing ink cartridges, and adjusting print quality, refer to the manual. Solving problems has been made easy with the Troubleshooting section. The guide is also printable in PDF form.

Epson WF 4730 Manual

Epson Wf 4730 Printer Unboxing

Printer setup isn’t a Herculean task. With the right directions, it is an easy procedure. We have put down the process instructions to offer an uncomplicated printer setup experience, even to the first-time printer users.

Epson Wf 4730 Printer Setup

  • Offload the printer from its package and peel off the sealing tapes.
  • Plug in the power cord into the printer and its other end into the electrical outlet.
  • Push the Power button on the printer to turn it on.
  • Set the language, region, and time on the printer.
  • Lift the printer's lid such that the ink cartridge area is accessible.
  • Unload the ink cartridges and remove the yellow tags on them for Epson wf 4730 setup.
  • Install the cartridges into their respective holders.
  • Push them well until you hear clicking sounds.
  • Touch Installed and place plain paper into the paper feeder.
  • Tuck the cassette back into the printer and tap OK on the printer's LCD
  • Establish a connection between the computer and the printer over a Wi-Fi network.
  • You can begin to print after installing the required printer drivers.
Epson Wf 4730 Scanner Setup

Epson Wf 4730 Wireless Setup

  • Turn on the router and the Epson Setup printer.
  • Keep both the devices close by to create Epson Wf 4730 Wireless Setup.
  • Touch the Home button and tap Wi-Fi Setup > Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the wireless network name. Press OK.
  • Else, choose Other SSIDs and type the network name on the displayed keyboard.
  • Type the network password. Select OK to confirm the Wi-Fi settings displayed.
  • Receive a print out of the network status report and check the Wi-Fi signal strength for Epson Wf 4730 Wireless Setup.
  • Verify that the connection is established when you see the wireless icon on the printer's screen.

Epson Wf 4730 Scanner Setup

  • Choose and download the printer software on your computer before scanning.
  • Connect the printer and the computer over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose Scan and then press OK to perform scanning on Epson wf 4730 setup printer.
  • You get to choose the scan destination: Scan to the Cloud, Computer, or Computer (WSD).
  • Select the USB Connection option if your printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  • Pick your computer's name on the printer if it is connected over a wireless networ for Epson wf 4730 scanner setupk.
  • Choose the preferred format of scan output and push Start to begin the scanning process.

Epson Wf 4730 Scan To Computer

  • Check if the installed printer driver is compatible with your computer's OS.
  • Place the original to be scanned on the scanning unit.
  • Choose Scan from the Home screen menu on Epson wf 4730 scanner setup.
  • Go through the scan options for Epson wf 4730 scan to computer.
  • Select the scan option. i.e., Save to Computer and then hit OK.
  • The original document/photo is scanned and saved as a PDF file to your computer.
  • Opt the type of connection as USB connection if the Epson wf 4730 setup printer is connected with a USB cable to your computer.
  • Or click the Wireless Network name and touch the Start button to scan.

Epson Wf 4730 Double-Sided Scanning

  • Place your original document to be scanned in the printer's ADF.
  • Click open the printer driver application installed on your computer.
  • Select the 2-sided scanning option to perform Epson wf 4730 double-sided scanning.
  • Press Scan on your printer's control panel and select the scanning method.
  • Configure the Epson wf 4730 scanner setup settings as preferred and pick ADF-Double sided as the Document source.
epson wf 4730 troubleshooting

Epson Wf 4730 Ink Refill

  • Keep your replacement ink cartridges prepared before removing the expended cartridges.
  • The empty cartridges are automatically recognized and displayed on the control panel.
  • If you voluntarily replace the cartridges, select Maintenance > Ink cartridge replacement > Next > Start.
  • Pull up the scanner unit and pinch the sides of the tabs on the cartridge.
  • In an attempt to improve the fluidity, shake the cartridge gently before installing.
  • Find the yellow tape on it and remove it. Push the cartridge into the corresponding Epson wf 4730 setup printer holder.
  • Follow the same procedure for all the other colored cartridges as well.
  • Touch Completed and hold on until the ink charging confirmation message appears on the printer's screen.

Epson Wf 4730 Troubleshooting

The Epson printer, after several months of functioning, is prone to encountering hardware & software issues. With the recent technological developments, it is easy to find the reason for an issue. To help you diagnose the printer troubleshooting problems, error messages & codes are displayed on the printer's LCD screen. Here are a few of the commonly occurring Epson wf 4730 troubleshooting issues and their solutions.

Epson Wf-4730 Won't Print

  • Keep the Epson wf 4730 setup printer on a flat and horizontal table if it is tilted.
  • Replace the empty cartridges with new ink cartridges.
  • See if the yellow tapes on all the cartridges have been removed for Epson Wf-4730 Won't Print.
  • Set the paper size, orientation, and layout settings as required & the type of medium fed into the printer.
  • Print the nozzle check pattern to locate clogged nozzles.
  • Run Print Head Cleaning Utility in the printer to solve Epson wf 4730 troubleshooting .
  • Make use of the paper compatible with the printer.
  • Check the network connectivity of the router to fix Epson Wf-4730 Won't Print.
  • Reboot the network device and then reconnect the printer to the router.

Epson wf 4730 Error 031008

  • Gently remove the power cord from the electric outlet.
  • Press down the Power button for a minute.
  • Plug it back into the wall socket.
  • Release the Power button and let it turn on to solve Epson wf 4730 error 031008.
  • See if the error is fixed by printing a test page.
  • Or power off the printer and wait for a minute.
  • Hold down the Resume button for 20 seconds.
  • A message prompting you to reset the printer to default settings appears to fix Epson wf 4730 error 031008.
  • Tap OK and leave the Resume button.
  • The error must have been cleared by now.

Epson Wf-4730 Fax Not Working

  • Use the Epson FAX Utility to send faxes.
  • See that the recipient's fax machine is up and running.
  • Verify that the paper is fed properly in your printer.
  • Check if you have set up the header information and not blocked your caller ID.
  • Set the receive mode to Auto.
  • Secure the cable connecting your telephone to your printer's LINE port tightly.
  • Diagnose the fax problem with the Fax Connection Report.
  • Make sure that the installed fax driver is running.
  • Decrease the printer's fax speed setting.
  • Enable the Error Correction Mode for sending and receiving color faxes.
  • Turn off call waiting to avoid disruption of incoming faxes during Epson wf 4730 troubleshooting.

Epson wf 4730 Paper Jam

  • Switch off your computer once the paper jam issue is recognized.
  • Push the Paper icon button to release the paper jammed.
  • Lift the printer's lid and discard the paper stuck within the printer.
  • Push the paper cassette well into the printer.
  • Adjust the edge guides not too tightly against the paper while Epson wf 4730 troubleshooting.
  • Fan the pages of the input paper before loading.
  • It is suggested to feed only smooth and straight paper in the printer.
  • Do not exceed the paper count limit specified in the printer's manual.
  • Feed the paper in the cassette such that the printable side faces down.
  • Change the printer's location to a flat surface if it is in a tilted position.
  • Refer to the Epson wf 4730 setup printer manual and follow special instructions for specialty paper.
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