Epson Nx420 Driver

The Epson Nx420 Drivers and Utilities Combo Package includes the printer driver, scanner driver, status monitor, Epson Event Manager, and Network Installer. Download and install it on your computer. Install it whenever the printer software requires upgrades. You can also install separate Epson Nx420 driver files such as Scanner Driver & Epson Scan Utility.

Epson Stylus NX 420 Driver Download
Epson Stylus NX 420 Driver

Epson Stylus Nx420 Manual

The wireless, Epson Stylus Nx420 setup, paper loading, printing, and scanning are explained at the beginning of the Epson Nx420 manual. The illustrative Epson NX420 manual can be downloaded and saved to a specific location on your computer. It opens in PDF form. Just click at the required topic, and you’ll be redirected to the corresponding content.

Epson Stylus NX 420 Manual

Epson Stylus Nx420 Printer Setup

  • Remove the protective material on Epson Stylus Nx420 setup printer.
  • Connect the power cord into the wall socket.
  • Power it on with the On button.
  • Set English as your language and then press Start.
  • Reach up for the cartridge cover.
  • Shake the cartridges well before unpacking them.
  • Remove the yellow tapes and insert each cartridge into its corresponding holder of Epson Setup printer .
  • Pull down the cartridge cover and lower the scanner.
  • Press the Start button to begin charging the ink.
  • Pull up the paper support and draw out the extensions.
  • Move the edge guides all the way to the left and load paper against the right edge.
  • Install the NX420 printer software on your computer and proceed to print.

Epson Stylus Nx420 Wireless Setup

  • Get to know the wireless network’s name and password.
  • Run the printer software on the installation CD.
  • Click Install > Wireless > Next for Epson stylus nx420 wireless setup.
  • Choose Set up printer for the first time > Next.
  • Pick the type of wireless network setup method.
  • If you choose to set up with a temporary USB cable, then connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable.
  • On the Firewall warning screen, tap Next for Epson stylus nx420 wireless setup.
  • Select your router’s network from the list and then enter the password.
  • Or follow the instructions on the wireless Setup Wizard for Epson Stylus Nx420 setup without a cable.

Scanning With Epson Nx420

  • Access the document cover and keep your original on it such that the scannable side faces down.
  • Pull down the scanner cover gently without moving the original’s position.
  • Push the Scan button and then use the arrow buttons select from the following: Scan to PC, Scan to PDF, Scan to Email.
  • If the printer and the computer are already connected by a USB cable, press Start to select USB connection.
  • If your Epson Stylus Nx420 setup printer is to be connected to a wireless network, navigate until you find the computer name.
  • Tap Start to begin the scanning process.

Change Ink Cartridge Epson Nx420

  • Switch on the printer and check if you get any ink cartridge replacement messages.
  • Make a note of the cartridge to be replaced and press Start.
  • If the replacement is voluntary, head to Setup > Ink Cartridge Replacement > Start.
  • Pull up the scanner and then the cartridge cover.
  • Dispose of the expended cartridges.
  • Shake the new cartridge four to five times before unwrapping.
  • Peel off the ink cartridge from the bottom of the cartridge.
  • Put the cartridge in its respective slot and close the scanner.
  • Upon pressing OK, the ink charging process begins.

Troubleshooting Epson Stylus Nx420

Several issues causing poor print quality, slow printing, and paper jams can be cleared easily with the below-given fixes and solutions. Epson Troubleshooting problems require software upgrades whereas there’s no hardware failure that cannot be fixed with a printer reset.

Epson Nx420 Printer Won’t Print

  • Try clearing the error on the printer following the printer instructions.
  • Replace empty/expended ink cartridge with a new one.
  • Check if the printer driver has enough available memory to solve Epson nx420 printer won’t print.
  • Run the Head Cleaning Utility on your computer.
  • Set your printer as the default one under Printers in your computer.
  • See that the connected wall socket is working properly to fix Epson nx420 printer won’t print.
  • Make sure the interface cable used is of the right specification.
  • Verify that the configured settings match with the print requirements for troubleshooting Epson stylus nx420.

Epson Nx420 Printing Problems

  • Check if the printable side of the paper faces up.
  • Clear the clogged ink nozzles by running the Head Cleaning Utility to solve Epson nx420 printing problems.
  • Run the Print Head Alignment Utility for troubleshooting Epson stylus nx420,
  • Set Automatic as the Mode setting on your Epson Stylus Nx420 setup printer software.
  • Replace the empty ink cartridge when you see the Ink light flashing.
  • Uncheck the Maximum setting as the Printable area on your printer to fix Epson nx420 printing problems.
  • See to that the Media Type selected matches the type of media loaded into the printer.
  • Adjust the strength of the Color Density and Drying Time per Print Page in the Paper Configuration dialog box.

Epson Stylus Nx420 Ink Cartridges Not Recognized

  • Remove the ink cartridge that is not recognized on Epson Stylus Nx420 setup printer.
  • Close the printer lid and press the Ink button on your printer.
  • Press the cartridges well into their slots until they click in position.
  • Inspect the cartridge chips and wipe them clean.
  • Unload the ink cartridges, close the printer lid, and then turn it off.
  • Power it on and install only the unrecognized cartridge for troubleshooting Epson stylus nx420.
  • See if the Epson stylus nx420 ink cartridges not recognized still exists.
  • If the Epson stylus nx420 ink cartridges not recognized is cleared, install all the other colored cartridges as well.

Epson Nx420 Communication Error

  • Exit the printer application on your computer and then re-launch it.
  • Turn off the printer, router, and then re-start them again.
  • Access the printer software from Start > Programs > Epson utility.
  • Right-click the software and choose Uninstall for troubleshooting Epson stylus nx420.
  • Download the driver from the Internet and install it following the installer instructions.
  • Check if the USB cable is securely connected at both ends.
  • Re-establish the network connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Or open System Preferences > Print & Fax > NX420 driver.
  • Tap the - sign next to it.
  • Reboot the Mac computer. Launch Print & Fax again > + > NX420 Bonjour Driver.
  • Select Add to fix Epson Stylus Nx420 setup printer error.
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