Most Common Reasons

  • Outdated printer chip
  • Printer offline issue
  • Incorrect cartridge installation
  • Third-party ink cartridge
  • Hardware issue
  • Outdated printer driver

Any of the above reasons could be the direct cause for the Epson printer not printing after changing ink. Now, let’s see how to fix your Epson printer problem.

Fix Printer Not Printing Issue

Remove The Protective Tape

Check if you have removed the protective tape from the ink cartridges, as your printer will not print if there is any protective tape in the ink cartridge nozzles.

Keep Your Printer Driver Updated

Update the printer driver because faulty or outdated printer drivers can also cause many technical problems. If your Epson printer driver is not compatible, you can update the driver to the latest version. This solution helps resolve any issues.

Reset Your Epson Printer

Resetting the Epson printer helps the printer start correctly and solve many problems. It can also solve the problem of not printing after changing the ink.

Clean The Print Head

If the problem continues, clean the print head and then try to print your document. In case your print head is clogged, there won’t be proper ink flow resulting in blank pages. The print head cleaning process differs from printer to printer. In this case, you can call us for help.

If the “Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink” problem continues, you need to try different solutions. Call us for more help.

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