Epson Et 16500 Driver

The major driver package for Epson ET 16500 includes the Drivers and Utilities Combo Package Installer and Recovery Mode Firmware. Files such as Driver, Scan Utility, Print CD, Scan OCR Component, Event Manager, and Software Updater are put into the Drivers and Utilities Combo Package. They can also be downloaded as separate drivers. Driver download and installation can be done once the OS upgrade is done.

Epson Et 16500 Driver Download

Epson Et 16500 Driver

Epson Et 16500 Manual

The Epson Et 16500 manual is a comprehensive guide of the printer basics and its functions. In order to use the Epson Et 16500 setup printer to the fullest, a knowledge of all the printer features and its working is important. Download the Epson Et 16500 manual here and save it to a destination on your computer. The Epson Et 16500 manual opens in PDF form.

Epson Et 16500  Manual Manual  Download

Epson Et 16500 Unboxing

Get to know how to unbox, setup, install drivers, and perform basic functions on the printer. Check Epson printer setup guidelines given below to setting up Epson Et 16500 Printer.

Epson Et 16500 Printer Setup

  • Remove the protective materials from the Epson Et 16500 setup printer and close the scanner unit.
  • Reach for the ink tank cover and then open the black ink tank's cap.
  • Unpack the black initial ink bottle.
  • Snap the tip of the bottle and remove the bottle cap.
  • Attach the stopper in reverse to the bottle for proper disposal.
  • Fill the ink tank with all the ink in the bottle.
  • Repeat the above procedure for all the three Initial ink bottles.
  • Close the ink tank cover and the scanner unit.
  • Attach the power cord to the back of the printer and then to an electrical outlet.
  • Lift the printer's control panel and press the Power button to switch on the printer.
  • Choose your language and press OK.
  • Read and follow the instructions on the LCD screen to charge the ink system.
  • Draw the paper cassette out and place a stack of paper in it with the printable side facing downward.
  • Adjust the guides against the paper and push it back into the printer.
  • Draw the output tray and configure the print settings.
  • Download and install the appropriate driver on your computer.
  • The Epson Et 16500 setup is completed. And is all set to print now.

Epson Et 16500 Wireless Setup

  • The installer guides you through the wireless connection process if the driver is being installed.
  • Push the Home button on the printer.
  • Press the Wireless icon on the printer's control panel and press OK for Epson Et 16500 wireless setup.
  • Hit Wi-Fi(Recommended) Start Setup or Change Settings Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Choose your wireless network and hit OK.
  • Or tap + and select Enter Manually for Epson Et 16500 Wireless Setup.
  • Take care while entering the network name and the password.
  • View the displayed network settings and select Start Setup to save them.
  • Print a network setup report.
  • Press Back and exit the Home screen to complete Epson Et 16500 Wireless Setup.
  • A wireless signal icon appears on the LCD screen indicating the successful wireless connection on Epson Et 16500 setup printer.

Epson Et 16500 How To Scan

  • Open the document cover.
  • Place the original document/photo facing down on the scanner glass.
  • Close the cover gently.
  • For double-sided scanning, keep the original in the ADF.
  • Press the Home button.
  • Select Scan Scan To.
  • Pick the target computer if the scan is to be sent to a computer.
  • You also get to choose the format of the scan output.

Epson Et 16500 Troubleshooting

Read the below section to find troubleshooting solutions for the problems you might be encountering while using this printer. The printer's status messages are displayed on the LCD which can be fixed by easy Epson Et 16500 troubleshooting steps. Network, Copying, Paper, and Print Quality problems also can be solved by making changes to the application settings. Few issues have to be cleared with the hardware of the printer.

Epson Et 16500 Not Printing

  • See if the Epson Et 16500 setup printer is turned on.
  • Install the printer driver appropriately as described in the manual.
  • Print a network status sheet and check the settings to fix Epson Et 16500 not printing.
  • Go to Setup Network Status Wi-Fi/Network Status > Print.
  • Check if the printer's IP address is correctly set for your network.
  • Make sure your printer and computer use the same wireless network.
  • Check the signal strength of the router and keep the devices close by.
  • Secure the Ethernet cable tightly into the ports to solve Epson Et 16500 not printing.
  • Try printing from a different computer.

Epson Et 16500 Not Scanning

  • Try scanning at a lesser resolution.
  • Exit Epson Scan 2 and wait for a few seconds. Restart the application.
  • View the scanner setting and reset the connection if required.
  • See that the computer has adequate memory.
  • Deactivate the power saving modes on your computer for Epson Et 16500 troubleshooting.
  • Reinstall the scan software if the OS has been updated.
  • Set Epson Scan 2 as the default scan application on your computer.
  • Only one version of the scan software must be on the computer.

Epson Et 16500 Not Printng Black

  • Perform a nozzle check to see if any of the nozzles are clogged on Epson Et 16500 setup printer.
  • Select Setup Maintenance Print Head Nozzle Check.
  • Press the Color button and see the printed pattern to see if there are gaps in the lines for Epson Et 16500 troubleshooting.
  • If you can see gaps on the pattern, select Clean the Print Head and continue to solve Epson Et 16500 not printing black.
  • See if the paper type setting matches the paper loaded.
  • Check if the printable side of the medium has been loaded correctly as described.
  • Disable high speed settings in your printer.
  • Refill the ink tanks if the ink levels are low.
  • On your Windows computer, right-click the printer icon in the taskbar and select Print Settings Maintenance.
  • Tap the Power Ink Flushing button to solve Epson Et 16500 not printing black.
  • Do not print until 12 hours of flushing.

Epson Et 16500 Not Conecting To Wifi

  • Determine the type of security used by the router.
  • Ensure to type the right password/passphrase.
  • See if your computer is restricting access with any wireless channels.
  • Since Wi-Fi direct password changes with each session, get to know it every time you establish the connection.
  • Set the Internet metric setting to 100 for your version of the Internet Protocol.
  • Make sure to press the printers WPS button within 2 minutes of pressing WPS at the printer.
  • Keep the printer within the contact range of the router for Epson Et 16500 troubleshooting.
  • Take away any other electromagnetic devices in the way of the printing devices.
  • Check the router's connection with other devices.
  • Disable any restrictions set on the router to connect router to Epson Et 16500 setup printer.
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