Epson ET 4750 Driver

It is necessary to regularly update the Epson ET 4750 Driver for the proper and uninterrupted functioning of the printer. After choosing the Epson ET 4750 Driver compatible with your computer's OS, download the Epson ET 4750 Driver file and then double-click it to install. The installer window guides you through the step-by-step installation procedure. Following are the software available in the Epson ET 4750 Driver package: Printer Driver, Scanner Driver & Utility, Easy Photo Scan, Event Manager, ReadyInk Agent, and Software Updater.

Epson ET 4750 Driver Download
epson et 4750 driver

Epson ET 4750 Manual

The manual of the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank printer is an illustrative user guide available in PDF form. The printer's basic features and procedures are explained in detail on Epson ET 4750 Manual. The Epson ET 4750 Manual guide also describes the Networking, Printing, Scanning, and device's technical specifications. Click on the information in the Contents page followed by which you’ll be directed to the Epson ET 4750 Manual detailed section.

Epson ET 4750 Manual Download

Epson ET 4750 Unboxing

Take care while handling the Epson ET 4750 printer carton. Open the carton and take out the printer accessories. Keep aside the warranty card and the ink cartridges. Make changes to the printer settings on the printer's control panel. Put the manufacturer approved paper and ink in the appropriate slots of the printer. Proceed to print after installing the printer driver on your computer.

Epson ET 4750 Setup

  • Unpack the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank printer from the carton and take out the protective materials.
  • Pull open the Ink Tank Cover and loosen the cap of the black ink tank for Epson ET 4750 Setup.
  • Unwrap the ink bottle's packaging and remove its lid and seal.
  • Invert the ink bottle into the tank and fill it until the marked line.
  • Connect the printer’s power cable into an electrical outlet for Epson ET 4750 Setup.
  • Switch the printer on by pressing the Power button.
  • Set English as your language. Hold down the OK button for 3 seconds.
  • The screen displays many instructions which are to be clearly found.
  • The initialization process takes up to 10 minutes.
  • Load A4 sized paper into the feeder and adjust the width guides.
  • Select the required paper settings.
  • Print a nozzle check pattern to see if the machine is working properly after Epson ET 4750 Setup.
  • Printing can be done once the driver installation is completed.
epson et 4750 setup

Epson ET 4750 Wireless Setup

  • Switch on both the printer and the router.
  • Press the Home button on the printer's control panel.
  • Touch the Wireless icon, and wait until you’re directed to a new window.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Direct > Start Setup in the displayed dialog box.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and type in the password.
  • To exit the window, tap the Home button.
  • Look for the Wireless icon on the printer's LCD screen.
  • Now, the Epson ET 4750 Setup printer is connected to the wireless network.

Epson ET 4750 AirPrint

  • On your Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank printer, head to Setup > Printer Setup > Paper Source Settings.
  • Enable the Paper Configuration option and feed paper into the tray.
  • Connect your printer to a local wireless network for Epson ET 4750 AirPrint.
  • Link the iOS device to the same wireless network as the printer.
  • Click open the app page to be printed on the iOS device.
  • Hit Print and choose your printer from the list of devices displayed.
  • Configure the Epson ET 4750 AirPrint printer settings as required.
  • Click Print and wait at the printer to receive the output.

Epson ET 4750 Scanner

Epson ET 4750 is a color flatbed/ ADF type of scanner. The photoelectric device used is Color CIS line sensor. The scanner scans at 2400 dpi resolution. The maximum resolution can be interpolated up to 9600 dpi. The scan output can be uploaded to your personal computer and Cloud.

Epson ET 4750 Scan to Computer

  • Keep the original document to be scanned on the ADF with the scan side facing up.
  • Navigate down to select Scan > OK on the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank printer’s control panel for Epson ET 4750 Scan to Computer.
  • Choose a scan option using the arrow buttons. Tap OK.
  • Pick an option between To Computer (JPEG) and To Computer (PDF).
  • Select To Computer (Email) if you want the scanned document via email for Epson ET 4750 Scan to Computer.
  • Configure Web Services for Devices on the computer you want to scan to.
  • Press Start once you choose the type of connection.
epson et 4750 scan to computer

Epson ET 4750 Fax Setup

  • On your printer’s control panel, select Setup > Fax Settings > Fax Settings Wizard.
  • Configure your Fax settings with the Up arrow button.
  • Enter the recipient’s name on the numeric keypad to enter your fax number.
  • Select the Ring pattern for incoming faxes on the Distinctive Settings screen.
  • Press the Up arrow button if the EXT port of your printer is connected to a telephone.
  • Press the Down arrow button to receive faxes automatically.
  • Tap OK on the Confirm Settings screen.
  • Print a report of the check result and fix any errors displayed.

Epson ET 4750 Ink Replacement

  • Pull open the scanner unit and open the ink tank cover.
  • Open the black ink tank cap. Unscrew the cover of the black ink bottle.
  • Hold the bottle upright and slowly take away its cover.
  • Place the top of the bottle on the slot of the filling part in the tank.
  • Hold on for the ink to fill the ink tank.
  • Take care not to squeeze or shake the ink bottle.
  • Close the ink tank cap once ink refilling is done.
  • Repeat the same process for all the other colors as well.
  • Pull down the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank scanner unit after closing the ink tank cover.

Epson ET 4750 Troubleshooting

Printers are known for their annoying quirks, but can they be dumped for the same? Further, your office & home require printers every day. Also, printers encounter errors and issues, much of which can be solved at home itself. Follow these simple and smart solutions to fix any issues that stand in the way between you and your printer.

Epson ET 4750 ADF Not Working

  • See that the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank Automatic Document Feeder is installed correctly.
  • Select either the Office Mode or Professional Mode option in EPSON Scan.
  • Pick ADF-Single-sided or ADF-Double-sided as document source in the Scan software.
  • Switch off the scanner and push down the release lever to raise the feeder.
  • Now, you can slowly pull out the jammed paper out of it.
  • Close the cover and make sure that the feeder mechanism is clicked into its place. If the ADF doesn’t take in the paper, check if the input paper meets the paper requirements.
  • Avoid loading too many sheets into the feeder.
  • Set the correct paper size, type, and copying options.

Epson ET 4750 Paper Jam

  • Cancel the print job right way if paper jam is being found.
  • Take out the jammed pieces of paper from the rear paper feed slot to solve Epson ET 4750 Troubleshooting.
  • Open the scanner unit taking care not to touch the white cable within the printer.
  • Remove the paper found within.
  • Do as directed by the on-screen prompts to clear any error messages.
  • Extend the paper cassette outward and look for torn pieces of paper.
  • Push the cassette back into its place.
  • Check if there are paper bits in the duplexer and ADF. Discard them immediately.

Epson ET 4750 Can't Connect to WiFi

  • Check the network signal strength with the other devices in your home.
  • Place the printer in the line-of-sight of the router.
  • Remove any electronic obstructions in the path of the signal.
  • Wait for a brief period after unplugging the router’s power cord from the outlet.
  • Insert the cord back and turn the printer on.
  • Restart your computer and try to print.
  • Disable the firewall that might be blocking access to your router to solve Epson ET 4750 Troubleshooting.
  • Re-install the printer software’s latest version.

Epson ET 4750 Not Printing

  • Make sure your printer is turned on and connected to the computer.
  • Secure the cable connections at both ends of the devices to solve Epson ET 4750 Troubleshooting.
  • If any USB hub is connected, ensure it is a first-tier hub.
  • Or try connecting your printer directly to the computer.
  • Ensure that the printer status is offline or pending.
  • Check to see if a test page can be printed. If not re-install the printer software.
  • Hit Maintenance > Print Queue and cancel the stuck print jobs.
  • Verify that the Epson Workforce ET 4750 Ecotank printer is not paused on the computer.
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