Epson ET 4550 Driver

The Epson ET 4550 Driver files are available separately for individual printer functions. They include the Remote Print Driver, Printer Driver, Scanner Driver, and EPSON Scan Utility. Specifically developed for Windows and Mac are printer drivers, which become a necessity for the initial setup. The Epson ET 4550 Driver should be updated regularly for the optimal performance of the printer. Find the driver for the Epson ET 4550 printer below and download it.

epson et 4550 driver
epson et 4550 driver download

Epson ET 4550 Manual

The user guide for the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer is a compact documentation of the printer’s basic functions and its operations. Epson ET 4550 Manual explains the features and methods of using them. For easy access, the manual should be downloaded and saved to your computer. Epson ET 4550 Manual opens in PDF form. Click at the topic directly to be taken to the description.

Epson Et 4550 Manual

Epson ET 4550 Unboxing

Handle the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer with care since the packaging is fragile. Discard the sealing tapes and the carton. Keep aside the Epson ET 4550 Setup printer accessories and find a horizontal surface for the printer to be placed. It should be close to a wall socket and away from sunlight. Make the necessary connections after unboxing and set your preferred settings on the Epson Printer.

Epson ET 4550 Setup

  • Reach for the ink tank unit and unfasten the black ink tank’s cap.
  • Keep the cap in its holder and unpack the Initial black ink bottle.
  • Snap the tip off, remove the cap, and peel off the seal from the bottle.
  • Close the bottle tightly with the cap. Invert the bottle over the tank and fill it to the marked level for Epson ET 4550 Setup.
  • Seal the bottle with the tip and close the tank. Repeat the above procedure for the other three Initial bottles as well.
  • Now, power up the printer with the power cord provided.
  • Switch on the printer and set language, country, date, and time for Epson ET 4550 Setup.
  • Hold down the OK button for three seconds upon seeing the setup manual message.
  • Push the Start button to start charging the ink, which lasts up to 20 minutes.
  • Load paper into the paper cassette adjusting the side edge guides.
  • Draw out the paper tray and configure the paper settings on the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer’s control panel.
  • Proceed to print after driver installation on your computer to complete Epson ET 4550 Setup.

Epson ET 4550 wireless Setup

  • Turn on both the printer and the router.
  • On the home screen of the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer, use the Navigation keys to select Wi-Fi setup.
  • Head to Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and hit OK.
  • Pick the name of your wireless network and press OK for Epson ET 4550 wireless Setup.
  • If the name is not displayed, enter it manually on the keypad.
  • Enter the password with the keypad and view the displayed network settings.
  • Press Start to print a network setup report.
  • The Wi-Fi icon appears in the top right corner of the printer’s screen.

Epson ET 4550 Double Sided Printing

  • Pick one of the below options for 2-sided printing.
  • Auto (Long-edge binding), Auto (Short-edge binding), Manual (Long-edge binding), Manual (Short-edge binding).
  • Click Settings and view the window that opens.
  • Choose Epson ET 4550 double-sided printing options to be used.
  • Return to the Main tab and hit the Print Density button.
  • Upon selecting the type of document, the software automatically sets the Adjustments options.
  • Print a test output to see if the selected settings are correct.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts during prompting.

Epson ET 4550 Scan

You can scan by placing the original on the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder. This function requires the Epson Scan Utility to be installed on your computer. On Mac OS, you can scan with Image Capture, an image-editing application. The scanned file can be stored in several formats and saved to several destinations.

Epson ET 4550 Scan to Computer

  • Install the required scan drivers on your computer for Epson ET 4550 Scan to Computer.
  • Establish a connection between the printer and the computer with a cable or over a wireless network.
  • Load the original either into the scanner glass or ADF.
  • Navigate to select Scan and press OK for Epson ET 4550 Scan to Computer.
  • Pick Cloud from the Scan to destinations.
  • The scanned file will be saved as a JPEG file to your computer.
  • Choose how the printer is connected to the computer.
  • Select your computer’s name from the list displayed and then press OK to begin scanning.

Epson ET 4550 Scan to Email

  • Configure the Email server settings as follows for Epson ET 4550 Scan to Email before proceeding.
  • Select Settings General Settings Network Settings Advanced.
  • Choose Email Server Server Settings. Configure the required settings.
  • Then click Proceed Close Connection Check. Thus, test the email server connection.
  • Place the original for scanning on the scanner glass for Epson ET 4550 Scan to Email.
  • On the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer’s screen now select Scan Email.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address or choose one from the Contacts list.
  • After changing the scan settings, fill in the Subject field and hit Send.

Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting

Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting Problems related to the printer software updates, network, and basic printer functions are explained in detail in the Troubleshooting section. Since error codes are displayed directly, tracing back to the cause of the issue has become a breeze. Resetting the printer can solve much of the hardware and software problems. Find fixes for some of the most common printer issues below.

Epson ET 4550 Not Printing

  • Perform a nozzle check to see if any of the print head nozzles are clogged.
  • If any nozzle is clogged, hit Setup Maintenance Print Head Cleaning to solve Epson ET 4550 Not Printing.
  • Ensure that the paper type settings match the type of paper loaded into the printer.
  • The printable side of the paper should be placed correctly on the printer to solve Epson ET 4550 Not Printing.
  • Disable any high-speed settings in the Epson Expression ET 4550 printer software. Check the ink levels and refill the tanks as and when necessary.
  • Run the printer frequently to print colored pages for Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting.
  • Use only compatible and generic ink to refill the empty tanks to fix Epson ET 4550 Not Printing.

Epson ET 4550 Reset

  • Detach all USB connections between the computer and the printer.
  • Stop all printing jobs in the printer software for Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting.
  • Use a USB cable to connect the computer to the printer.
  • Connect your computer to a wireless network for Epson ET 4550 Reset.
  • Download the Reset Utility Software on your computer and install it.
  • You get a one-time reset key to reset the Epson ET 4550 printer. Note it down.
  • On the tool window, select your printer for Epson ET 4550 Reset.
  • Click the Reset Waste Counters option.
  • Enter the key you have made a note of for Epson ET 4550 Reset.
  • The printer automatically turns off and is reset.

Epson ET 4550 Communication Error

  • Tuck the power cord properly into the printer's port.
  • Verify that the electric socket powering up the printer is working fine.
  • Use only the right category of interface cables for Epson ET 4550 Communication Error.
  • Double check if the printer driver has been installed completely to solve Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting.
  • Make sure that the network connection between the printer and the router is stable.
  • Reduce the image resolution of the document to be printed.

Epson ET 4550 Printing Problems

  • If you see banding, run a nozzle check from the printer software.
  • See the test pattern and identify the problematic nozzles to solve Epson ET 4550 Troubleshooting.
  • Click the Clean button in your software if you see missing lines or banding to solve Epson ET 4550 Printing Problems.
  • On the printer software, head to the Maintenance tab and select Print Head Alignment.
  • Choose only high-quality print settings to avoid Epson ET 4550 Printing Problems.
  • Feed paper of the correct size and thickness on Epson Expression ET 4550 printer. Adjust the paper settings as required.
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